Towards the Silent Heart

kitchen table philosophy

Is peace possible?


People will argue that war is a matter of individual and national survival, that little choice is allowed as to whether they should be involved.

It is still a brutally destructive way to settle differences and significantly points to a lack of understanding, of harmony and a peaceful disposition between humans. It is also a sign that education is failing to produce spiritually integrated and happy people, in tune with the universal nature and deeply considerate of others and their different social standing.

It indicates too, that violence, even as a last resort, is considered an effective and acceptable means to bring about desirable conclusions in human affairs. It is terminal for many and does bring about temporary results that at first sight offer the means to rebuild on new and peaceful foundations.

Inevitably, because the inner strains in human relationships have not been dealt with from a basis of consideration and understanding, they surface anew after a period of incubation to breed more of the destruction and violence that is accepted as an enduring theme of human behaviour.

We observe the savage behaviour of animals in defence of their kind, the protection of their territory and in killing for food. Rarely though do we see the organised slaughter to match what humans do when they war against their own kind.

Violence does not eradicate violence. 

A peaceful world in every way can only follow if we are truly peaceful people. Not only peaceful as the mind understands this but a deeper enduring peace where every propensity for violence has been eradicated by a developing spiritual understanding.

From Peace is Possible by Joseph Raffa – The Kitchen Table Philosopher Collection.

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