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What Kind of Love?

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Baby2_edited-1People speak of love as the solution to the problems and difficulties that come our way. But, to say “I love you”, is that enough? You may care as much as you will for children, friends, even feel for the human race but this does not bring an end to the troubles that keep on coming.

We need more than to be loved. We need to be able to understand our actions. To be loved does not guarantee this. I speak here of what humans understand as love, in the way they love their children, or as husbands and wives love one another.

I do not speak here of that other kind of love – of what is called God’s love for mankind. This does indeed bring enlightened action and a deeper understanding of our actions, our motives and thinking processes. By this love we do see deep into our minds, into the very heart of what we are. Ordinary human love, no matter how well intentioned, cannot compare with this, neither in quality nor in its power to bring about change.

Both are necessary. Ordinary human love is enough to provide shelter, food, clothing, education, affection. This is the kind we know. It gives a measure of guidance to growing children, security and a feeling of well-being.The other overlaps this and extends beyond it.  There is a light that glows in the darkness of our living, that will not permit the brooding problems of the mind to overwhelm it. Human love as we know it cannot do this – cannot take us through life without being torn about inwardly, without being prey to anxieties.

Extend our arms as often as we will – offer ourselves, our help, our time, search for the words that may soften a blow – none of this can match the touch of Universal Love. The emptiness we feel inside, the loneliness, the disarray we reflect, the single-minded pursuit of what draws us regardless of consequences to our minds or health – this does not yield to words or good intentions.

When minds are enclosed, locked in a personal prison of desire and intention, the key to freedom lies not in the hands of the mind. We can acknowledge the desire to be free – urge to cast aside the restraints we feel, rail against the dark, prison walls that surround us – but if a greater love does not come our way, bringing the light of a fresh understanding, we will languish in time, in the restrictions of the mind. And we will not even understand why we are in trouble, why we suffer as we do nor why we are harried from all sides.

Joseph Raffa

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  1. Your father’s words are beautiful.