Towards the Silent Heart

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A lifetime alone



Photo: Simon Howden –

by Joseph Raffa

A lifetime, etched in loneliness.

A lifetime surrounded by people,

yet still, a lifetime living alone.

A lifetime,

locked within the confines of one’s understanding –

unable to break out,

to share the experiences of a lifetime of living.


Deeper than the ocean.

An unbridgeable aloneness imprisoned within the emptiness of knowing.

Struggle – against the surrounding walls.

Struggle – to learn, to grow and to know.

There is a whisper abroad

A way out of the darkness.

Search for the light that brightly shines at the end of the dark tunnel of despair.

Go with the light –

To where? To the timeless beyond.

Away from the world of knowing –

from the aloneness and the prison of self experience and into the unknown world of the perfect strangeness.


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2 thoughts on “A lifetime alone

  1. Rather a sad sort of post. A pity that anyone should feel so lonely and unfulfilled.

  2. There are many lonely people so it’s reassuring to know there is a light that can shine the way ‘home’.