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A spiritual impulse is abroad



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by Joseph Raffa

There is an ocean of spirituality pouring over this planet – irresistible, invincible, all powerful. Undercurrents are flowing from within. Boosted by enlightened avenues, its magnetic power is crystalised in time. The enlightened ones are its voice – the eyes and ears of the Spiritual Strangeness. This is moving to reclaim the human race, to save it from the darkness of spiritual ignorance, from domination by the aggressive and selfish nature of the self – of the mind acting in isolation from the mainstream of life.

Like an electric spark, spiritual awareness is leaping from person to person, spark igniting spark. Its purpose? A great awakening – the extension of its nature, in full awareness into the hearts and minds of the human inhabitants of this planet. For too long the darkness of the mind has reigned. The suffering, the starvation, the violence, the endless torment has been too much. At times the human race has teetered on the edge of a psychological breakdown, almost on the edge of inner and outer destruction. The tensions have been well nigh unbearable.

From the Spiritual Heartland the call has gone forth: Save the Earth. Save the people. And so, from their timeless sleep, deep in the safety of an undisturbed mystery, there arose to venture forth in human form amidst the blight on this planet, creatures of the light. Those who are of its essence. Their mission, one of service, their role, agents of love.

Inspired by the nature they belong to, they walk this earth amidst alien surrounds, seeking to plant the seeds of enquiry, urging an investigation that is not controlled by the mind’s background of conditioning. They meet resistance from established attitudes wherever they go. Only those who are beginning to awaken are receptive to what is offered. Only they have the perception to realise its exceptional value.

In this meeting, between enlightened expression and earnest seeker, the seeds are set for a new kind of harvest. Sometime, when all the conditions are right, a blossoming burgeons into time, irresistibly flowering into the fullness of discovery. And so, another human expression takes wings, uplifted and inspired and a little more momentum is given to the spiritual enlightenment of the human race on this planet.

May you all join, each of you in your turn in this grand awakening.


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4 thoughts on “A spiritual impulse is abroad

  1. Your Dad inspires me with hope, the everlasting essence of humans.

  2. I wonder, did your Dad draw on the teachings of any special figure or did he draw these conclusions from his own experience. One could certainly wish for beings of light in the present turmoil of the world.

  3. Margaret, Dad’s early reading was of Krishnamurti and Paul Brunton and their writing inspired him along a spiritual path. During his lifetime he read widely on spirituality, religion and philosophy but never drew on the teachings of a particular teacher. He spoke often of his personal experience of spirituality and encouraged all who discussed these matters with him to seek within themselves for answers rather than looking to a guru or teacher.

  4. Personal experience is ibviously the most reliable source of information. I have always found the expression ‘to seek within oneself’ rather hard to understand. Perhaps it just jmeans recognising what one actually believes. On another note, lately I find that every time I see your phrase ‘towards the silent heart’ and I go to open the blog, I get Juliet Madison’s blog!! No idea why. However, this time was obviously the right link.