Towards the Silent Heart

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Why ask why?

by Joseph Raffa

ID-10066300What use is it to ask the why and wherefore?
Birds fly, grasses grow without fuss or bother.
Only man torments himself with questions. Life goes on regardless.
Does life, the universe need reasons for its existence? Or is this the invention of the human mind, bent on understanding in this way?
Apart from man, life does not reason why. There is birth, growth, decay and death but the system goes on and on.
Only man suffers the torment of an inquisitive reason. So, everything is wrapped in reason and man is satisfied.
Sometimes I wonder if modern man belongs to the natural order of things – or is he an aberration? Long ago, before his present state of displacement he was close to the earth and the sky, to the seasons, to the green world and the sea.
Then he broke away and became civilized with all its attendant problems and deep sense of separation. Now technologically competent and reason wise he seems lost in an alien world, divorced from the wonder that surrounds him.
More’s the pity. His mind is ever busy and overflowing with movement.
But what of the heart, of that inner need to return to the magic that once he knew? When the Springtime of Life was ablaze with wonder and he walked in kinship with all that surrounded him and asked not questions of why and what?
For there was no need for this. He was at one with the All that Is and that was all that mattered. All else was secondary and of lesser consequence to the expanded state of his exalted Being.


Who will save our Earth?

IMG_0229Please save this earth.  It is our home – all of it.  From the icy Arctic to the snows of the Antarctic, through the temperate zones and the equatorial tropical areas. Today, the earth lies shattered, bruised and broken by a relentless human attack that shows little sign of easing. Everywhere, destruction of natural areas, of the rain forests continues as the demand for economic expansion accelerates regardless of the consequences to the health of the planet.

Where are the champions who will step forth to defend the planet; who will stand on the rostrum of public attention and demand a halt to this rapacious advance? Have our feelings for our mother earth faded completely, pushed aside by the urgent need for economic expansion?  Don’t we bleed as the forests go – do we feel no pain as species of wild life vanish?

Where are the sensitive people who love this Earth, who will cry out enough, who will demand that we take far more care of what is left, who will live differently so that they consume less and do not demand more and more? Who ask, not for a constantly increasing and affluent lifestyle, but who will settle for less because they love this Earth and the natural beauty they find here; and now, no longer can they bear the pain of this despoliation for the sake of an increasing production that doubtfully adds very much more of real value to the human expression.

And not for fear do they ask for an easing of economic expansion, not only because of pollution or the threat of destruction to the ozone layer and what this may bring, but because they love, really love, from the very depths of their being, this beautiful planet they live on. And they want it to go on being a delightful place to be on, for themselves and for those who come after.

Joseph Raffa